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This is tremendously helpful when comparing current and prior values.

Another great question and I can understand why you would feel this way.As you all know, Poloniex is an American based exchange platform where you can exchange your Bitcoin for other types of Crypto-currencies at market value.Offering cryptocurrency loans can be quite a profitable business, assuming one knows what they are for exactly.

Once this is done the application will be synced to the market.Automatic Bitcoin Lending Bot in Poloniex with optimal rates.

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The more the amount of bitcoin is traded at poloniex, the lower fees the traders have.A genius new technology, the Poloniex Lending Bot, is providing services to simplify and automate the process of monitoring and maintaining your margin lending assets.Poloniex is a multi-cryptocurrency exchange, and the most popular of its kind.The more users we have and the more funds we will control, the stronger our.

Out of grace period - This means your credits are below -0.001 and they need to be refilled before the bot will continue lending.

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This will show you what your current mean and deviation values are, as well as your minimum loan rate and how long a loan will be issued based on your settings and the supplied data.The only downside to manually placing a loan is the fact that you have to monitor your Lending Wallet on Poloniex.New build Updated link and MD5 06-07-2017 - Added FAQ section 06-13-2017 - Created this webpage.

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It may be of benefit to watch this (I personally find it quite addictive) even when you have no funds in the account just to watch how it recommends rates, durations, and steps down as rates drop.OS Requirements Microsoft.NET 4.5.2 Library A Poloniex lending account.As new rates are determined Pololen analyzes the rate to determine if it is an outlier and acts accordingly.The Poloniex Lending Bot has handled hundreds of thousands of loans without a single failure.

Blendingbot automates and manages your Poloniex margin lending.Recently, as a bit of a personal curiosity project, I have been writing an incredibly simple bot to use on Poloniex (a cryptocurrency exchange).

The third is the amount of deviations the user would like to have before adding a day to the duration.If you do not have a full copy of current market rates please go to the API tab and click save.The bot can manage your cryptocurrencies at the popular exchanges Poloniex and Bitfinex. It varies the lending period to ensure biggest probability for and most.The same applies for the other coins just different lending rates.

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I plan on doing this when the poloniex lending bot gets discontinued.

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This can be completely overridden and the application run in a more basic mode by selecting manual override.