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The Chinese exchange BTC China has confirmed that it is accepting USD and HKD deposits and withdrawals.OKcoin is a Chinese Bitcoin and Litecoin cryptocurrency exchange.Several major Bitcoin exchanges have halted USD deposits in light of banking issues.OkCoin offers both LTC and BTC trading pairs into USD as well as futures on.

A second bitcoin exchange has suspended fiat deposits because of issues with intermediary banks.OKCoin Follows Bitfinex, Freezes Inbound Wire Transfers. Okcoin would temporarily suspend USD deposit because of.Chinese exchange Okcoin has suspended inbound wire transfers as of Tuesday citing banking problems.OkCoin, a Chinese digital currency Bitcoin exchange has stopped US dollar deposits.

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OKCoin News. Filter. Select. OKCoin has stopped accepting Bitcoin deposits from customers in.

Crypto exchanges are. you can pay in multiple fiat currencies such as USD, GBP, and EUR. OKCoin. You can fund your accounts with USD and EUR deposits.On April 17 Bitfinex announced that it is pausing USD wire deposits. OKCoin.The leading trading platform for professional bitcoin traders.

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It is likely OKCoin uses Taiwanese banks for their fiat currency services.OKCoin has stopped accepting bitcoin deposits from customers in the US, citing regulatory pressure.

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OKCoin announced its temporary halt in accepting deposits from consumers like US Bitcoin gamblers due to tight US cryptocurrency regulations.

According to a recent Reddit post, Chinese Bitcoin exchange OKCoin suspends USD wire transfers.OKCoin to adopt multi-sig deposit address, no mention of btc withdrawal10th April, Beijing- OKCoin, one of the Big Three Bitcoin Exchange in.Hot on the heels of a weekend announcement that Chinese bitcoin exchange OKCoin was beginning USD-based trading.

ForexNews makes no warranties or guarantees in respect of the.USD, GBP and CNY are the. you can check out Bitfinex or OKcoin.Keep in mind that several states such as California and New.By getting rid of deposits, OKCoin has now caused many users to wonder if withdrawals are next.American users that deposit bitcoin by this method may find that path cleared quickly.OKCoin is an electronic payment system or Bitcoin company which lends the app for the.More bitcoin exchanges are having the same deposit problem Bitfinex has.

Or, at the very least, what kind of regulation is brewing in the United States that could warrant such a response.OKCoin is The Latest Exchange To Halt USD Deposits Due To Banking.The week has gotten off to a frustrating start for some digital currency customers, as two major cryptocurrency exchanges have suspended US dollar deposits. Bitfinex.The Bitcoin Cash Network Continues to Grow With an Ambitious Roadmap.Responding to a PBOC order, leading Chinese Bitcoin exchanges - OKCoin, FXBTC and BTC38 - announced today to suspend Chinese Yuan deposits, which will be effective.

OkCoin Futures Trading Guide. deposit some Bitcoins (or wire USD).Chinese Bitcoin Exchange OKCoin Stops Accepting American Bitcoin Deposits.Bitcoin news sources report that OKCoin has effectively suspended US dollar wire deposits in light of AML and KYC banking regulations.Due to Bank Withdrawal Problems Price of BTC is Exteremely High on Some Places.According to the company, this is due to ongoing issues with intermediary banks.

Only USD is accepted on OKCoin.com international while no other currency.BTC China has announced the launch of USD and HKD deposits and withdrawals, joining OKCoin in an effort to extend services to the international community.The major Chinese exchange Okcoin has released official. be required once their deposit history.